You could ask, is carrageenan safe? When you still do not know what carrageenan is, you will wonder how safe it is. The safety of the carrageenan can be seen from the authority.

The official statement of the carrageenan

The regulatory and scientific bodies have approved the safety about carrageenan. It includes U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the European Union, Health Canada, the Food Standards Australia New Zealand, and The Joint Food & Agricultural Organization/World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives, and the independent and highly-esteemed international body reviewing food additives. They make the safety of the carrageenan become official. People should not worry about using the carrageenan for any food.


The regulatory and scientific bodies which are listed above allow the use of the carrageenan in foods. It happens because the overwhelming weight of the scientific evidence shows that the carrageenan is safe to be consumed. The carrageenan has been used and found in the infant formula. It has been official that carrageenan is safe for toddlers and babies.

The review about carrageenan is quite complicated in acertain condition. In July 2014, JECFA concluded that carrageenan is safe. It is not concern about the danger of the carrageenan. It is not safe to be used in infant formula,even formula for infants with aspecial condition.

The carrageenan becomes an important component in the ready-to-feed infant formula. Besides that, it has vital nutrients which remain mixed throughout the product and available to infants. Parents usually worry that they give something the infant should not have. When it comes to the consumption, theparent will not comprise with what they give to their baby. They will want to give the baby what they need. They even will give the baby the best nutrition to make them grow well.