When you have realized that technology has taken the world to be better and easier, the traveler should follow it. It’s beautiful how technology can be so helpful for those who like to travel around the world. They use to be old school as they often did the old things like they have to make their booking on the phone or just go on the spot to get the rooms and they usually had no idea on the rooms left. Now, technology can help the traveler to book a hotel room online, bus ticket, plane ticket and more. It also happens on ferry ticket online. That’s incredible because you will get the base for your trip to any island you wish that you can go with ease. One of the best destinations you can go to Malaysia is Pulau Tioman. You can go there from Mersing Jetty. You may wonder that now you can buy ferry ticket online

Ways to book

The first thing you have to do when you are going to book online ferry ticket is to click the search bar about your destination and departure point. For example, you can click the Mersing Jetty as the departure and Pulau Tioman for the destination. After the result comes, you can choose the right time for you to go. The best thing you have to do when choosing the right schedule for your holiday to Pulau Tioman is to make sure that it is to avoid any activities that are near to the departure time. You also need to think about to go earlier to Mersing Jetty, Johor to ensure that you will not be late to catch the ferry. The most common mistake that everyone does is when they are not aware of schedule they have chosen, and then they forget they will go to depart. Here is the way to go there http://www.easybook.com/ferry-ticket/Mersing_Jetty-to-Pulau_Tioman.