You can find some of Chess Clocks category. Check this out to know the type of it and to know the plus and minus side of each type. You can fit it with your budget. The inexpensive one to the valuable one, which one is better? You should consider the quality of each of them too.

Analog vs Digital

Most people said that analog is a past thing. The reason to support this statement is the fact that Chess tournaments majority use the digital Clock. They use it as the time control like delay and increments. Delay and increments are the important things in the professional Chess world. In this case, you will find that the analog is cannot be stopped while the digital can.

Therefore, the question is why the analog chess clock is still produced? It is because of there is still a large market for them although there is no guarantee that the analog one will not get a breakdown. You cannot repair it, and the only one you can do is only change it into something new. Analog chess clock is still wanted because of its authentic and classic feel. The look of it is also classic. The chessboard is a simple and old fashion implement. The analog chess clocks have a higher quality and design than the digital. Not only it, the analog serves an as much decorative purpose. It does not mean that the digital one cannot be attractive, but the antiqued nature of the analog chess clock can give it an ornamental sense. It is lacking to have the digital version. No matter what type of the clock that you want as long as you get the best one in your budget than everything is good. You can practice well and improve your skill. You can finish the game fast and there is no a better thing than it.