Have you heard about Homebase? It’s widely popular by its great supplies in home improvements all over the United Kingdom and Ireland. Many people think that this chain store is only selling furniture, but they also have service that you can get it as additional service when you are buying stuff there like furniture, paint, floor, and other home improvement things you can pick for a better home. Indeed, when you are going to renovate the house, you may not have all tools and things to prepare. Fortunately, some stores do give available tools that you can get it as extensional service. What do you get from the service they offer? Will they give more value when you are planning to buy things in Homebase? The answers are below.

Things to get

The very first thing they offer for the service is tool hire. As they have known that not all homeowners have the tool to DIY their furniture so when you have no completed tools for your DIY project, hire tools from Homebase and feel the convenient service. We all know that tools of home renovation are important, and that is why Homebase comes with tool hire too. You can use it for a period and deals signed for the hiring tools. The second service you can get is Kitchen Design. Some homeowners go with the hiring professional designer to make their kitchen attractive and cool but with Homebase, you can get the cheaper service of kitchen design. They have so many experts in interior design and of course all of them are affordable to hire the service. The last is DIY and professional decorating that you can get from the people in Homebase that do love DIY things for home improvements because DIY lets you be more creative than others.