Getting a free cell phone as well as its services, such as call minutes and texts, might seem like a dream that is too good to be true, but thanks to ReachOut Wireless program it is entirely possible. If you have never heard of ReachOut Wireless program before, it is at its core a company working together with the United States government on the Lifeline Assistance Program to aid those who need it by providing them free cell phones and services. Unlike commercial cell phone carriers, there are absolutely no hidden fees or contracts required if you want to sign up for ReachOut Wireless. In fact, you can rest assured that you will be free from things such as deposits, application fees, or any hidden fees at all.

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ReachOut Wireless is currently operating in 18 states, the latest of which is California. If you are a participant of government assistance programs such as Food Stamps or Medicaid, there is a big chance of you being eligible for ReachOut Wireless program as well. There are multiple plans for you to choose from, from 68 free minutes to 250 free minutes monthly. All ReachOut Wireless cell phones are capable of 3-way calling, text messaging, voice mail, call forwarding and waiting, as well as international long distance calls at at affordable cost. If you want to upgrade your phone or your services, you can always do so for a small monthly fee. It all depends on you and your needs.

ReachOut Wireless has provided cell phones and services without any cost to thousands of individuals across the country, and if you are interested in finding out more about the program yo can always go to to check out testimonies and frequently asked questions about the program yourself!