If you are looking for playing a game of soccer, then you need to know the most famous way of betting with the online gambling sites, particularly in the asian continent. The ASIAN HANDICAP is the most popular way of betting within the continent of Asia.

The AH has advantages when it was compared to the MATCH ODDS which are not familiar with an AH DRAW with a large percentage of winning as 50%:50% equal chance. The AH use a multiple of ½ in the market, which is listed below,

  • 0-0,
  • ½,
  • ½,
  • ½-1,


The 0-0 game market shows that both of the two teams will contest the balance the score. If the event ends with a draw match, then it will tell as a 0-0.


The team which gave 0-12 certainly stronger than the team which gets the fur. The 0-1/2  market means the half of your bet amount using the fur of 0 and another half is for ½. If the result of the game is 0-0 then, the half amount of the 0 will be refunded fur half for ½ amount will be lost.


In this market, the team which gave fur ½ will suffer a loss of betting when the end result is the DRAW. Whatever happens, the home team has so bet win is also topped.


This is the position which is approximately equal to the 0-1/2 and 1. The value of your betting half of the number fur paired in the half and half again in the fur 1, so that if the game ends with a notch increment to 1 then the team which gave the fur ½-1 will get the total bet for the win. And the team which given the ½-1 will defeat ½ in its total bet amount. For more information, please visit judi bola online.