Have you had processed or frozen foods in your kitchen? Do you like munching on your favorite snacks, accompanied by your favorite ice creams? Do you like the texture of your ice creams, how it look soft and yet frothy and firm? What if your ice creams are watery, would you still want to consume it?

In the modern food industry, appearance is important. That’s why food manufacturers and producers are spending a lot of money to make sure that their packaging is appealing without compromising functions and taste. In order to make the products appealing and tasty, these food producers are using the carrageenan, a food-grade substance that has been approved by the FDA.

Carrageenan and the Overall Facts

cCarrageenan is basically a natural food-grade thickener or stabilizer responsible for the tasty flavor and the appealing texture of the food.  It is extracted from special algae, native only to the coasts of Ireland. Local people have used the algae for centuries – they mostly use it as a medicine and as the natural preservative. Only in the 1930s, the modern food industry in the US had seen this substance and included it in their production. The FDA, of course, has approved this substance and has performed regular checking.

However, the problem starts coming when there is a rumor stating that carrageenan is dangerous and can lead to cancerous cells development. When investigated, it turned out that the subject in question isn’t carrageenan but poligeenan. But rumors about carrageenan dangers keep coming, stating that carrageenan can turn into the poligeenan once it enters the body’s system.  People are spooked by the carrageenan dangers and the possibility that they may suffer from serious ailments.

The truth is, there is no way that carrageenan can be turned into a poligeenan. These substances have gone through different processing. Those claiming that carrageenan can turn into the poligeenan obviously don’t understand the simple chemical reaction.